The Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route

Finally! The long-awaited Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route is open in its entirety, but has it been worth the decade-long wait and the billion pound investment??

Plans for an Aberdeen bypass were first approved in 2005. Since then there has been a 10 year struggle of finding the correct contractors to construct the road, sourcing sufficient funds to build the road, planning and making previsions for disruption caused by the development and allowing time for the road to be built- which of course took longer than first anticipated as these things always seem to do.

On the 19th of February the final stretch of the 46km long dual carriageway was officially opened to the public. Despite all the challenges the project faced, the end result is pretty incredible!

So instead of dwelling on the resources, cost and time that it took for the AWPR road to be completed, let’s think about what we have gained from its construction.

The road directly connects Aberdeenshire towns and villages diverting traffic from the city centre.

Diverting a high volume of traffic from the city centre onto the dual carriageway will allow traffic to move quicker and prevent congestion in the centre- especially at peak times when the volume of traffic travelling in and out of the city is greatly increased. As someone who commutes to my job, I have personally had to sit in traffic jams for over forty minutes on Anderson Drive on a Friday night at 6pm. My drive to work each day should take approximately thirty minutes but with everyone trying to pass through the same areas of Aberdeen at the same time my journey can often be doubled in time. No longer should this be a problem.

By avoiding the city centre where possible, commuters travel times will be greatly reduced; something so many of us will be greatful for. I can not begin to state all the advantages the road will have for people like myself but lower pollution levels, shortened journey times and safer roads are some benefits that’s value can not be stressed enough.

So why struggle your way into the city-centre for shopping when you have quicker, more easily accessed alternatives available?

Kilts Wi Hae and The Classic watch Buyers Club are now available via the AWPR allowing you to shop from a stunning range of ladies, men’s and children’s gifts, highland wear, jewellery, watches and lots more in a relaxed, welcoming environment.

What would have been an hour and ten minutes drive from Stonehaven to Newmachar can now be done in just forty minutes- almost half the previous journey time!

Plus, who doesn’t love free car parking just metres from the door!

Not only will this trip now be much more convenient for you than trailing into the busy city-centre, it will also help you support smaller family-run businesses.

With countless benefits for both Aberdeenshire consumers and retailers- I would say that the AWPR has been well worth the wait!


Welcome to The Classic Watch Buyers Club

Hello and welcome to The Classic Watch Buyers Club!

We are here to help you and likeminded individuals safely trade watches. We have a great range of stunning watches, jewellery and accessories and are continually adding to our brilliant selection. Shop online or come and visit us at our shop in Newmachar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

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