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How to Avoid Scratching Your Watches Case Back

The scratches that form on the back of your watch are simply caused by the clasp rubbing against the case back. Therefore, the easiest way to prevent that from happening is to prevent the two from rubbing. There’s a couple of ways of doing this which I will outline in this article.


1 – Leave your watch on an open-ended strap, like a leather strap. This way there is no clasp rubbing against the underside of your watch. Simply take your watch off and lay it flat against a soft surface.

2 – Leave your watch in a winder or on a cushion. This way the case back is only against a soft material and will not have any risk or opportunity to become scratched.

3 – Leave on a watch stand. This is probably the most universally helpful as the watch is still readily available and can just be left on a nightstand with its metal bracelet on. There are a plethora of watch stands out there from the fun to the more mundane and I would advice getting one with a built-in soft cushion. That further aids in protecting your watch from unwanted scratches.



If you use any of the above methods you will find that your watch won’t develop scratches on the case back.


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