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Isotope GMT Zero Degrees

Founded in 2016 by Jose and Joana Miranda, Isotope offers a true watch collectors take on watch manufacturing. With boutique and limited run watches, boasting incredible attention to detail and a unique style. There’s nothing run of the mill about Isotope, everything is thought out to the nth degree. Every major and minor detail is executed to exacting specifications, even the machining of the spring bar tool is impeccable.


That is Isotopes biggest feature in a crowded and hotly contested field, their attention to detail. You never get the sense that the phrase “that’ll do” was used when designing or constructing these watches. Every facet of the watch has high quality finishing and a purpose to be there. It has unique styling but not flashy for flashy sake or interesting just to be different. Everything is thought out, take the GMT dial for instance, it could be a simple hand with a 24-hour timing bezel around it, yet they went for a sub dial and it works brilliantly. The generously applied luminous pip makes the GMT easy to read at a glance, whilst also looking different from a standard GMT.


The case’s short lug to lug makes it comfortable to wear on all size of wrists while still be legible thanks to the 42mm dial. What also helps the wearability is the choice of three straps that come complimentary with each watch. A leather strap, metal and fabric, each featuring quick release spring bars to make switching them out a dawdle. Each feels sturdy and will stand the test of time, personally I find the Kevlar strap to be the best looking but it does take some breaking in. The leather strap is good quality and flexible out of the box with the metal bracelet feeling sturdy and a good all-round option for daily wear.


Inside the case beats the Swiss Landeron 24GMT movement which is a workhouse movement and will keep you in good stead for years of use. With 18 jewels, a 40-hour power reserve and an accuracy of +/- 12 seconds a day you will find this to be a reliable watch. The Isotope GMT features an engraved case back with a small sapphire cut out that showcases the custom rotor.


The price for all this watch is under £1,000, which is a steal when you look at its competitors. A Swiss automatic, dive watch with a GMT function for under £1,000 is very hard to come by. Remember you get more than the watch as well, so you get a GMT watch, three straps and a spring bar tool all in one. I can’t think of any watch currently on the market which offers a GMT of this quality for this price.


Isotope has received positive coverage from across the watch press spectrum. Notably, Oracle of Time and Scottish Watches have all spoken to their quality. Isotopes have impressed all who have experienced one. That makes us confident that you’ll love one.


CWBC is a proud supplier for Isotope and believe every collection deserves an Isotope. The Isotope GMT 0° feature a 200m water resistance rating in a 42mm stainless steel case housing a regulated Swiss Landeron 24GMT movement. With a variety of colour ways, white, black, blue and green so regardless of your personal preference there is an Isotope for you.


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