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Limited Edition Watches

Limited edition watches aren’t anything new. From the watches like the Speedmaster which has countless limited editions to Bremont’s ever rotating product line limited editions are everywhere. Whilst some bemoan their existence, I think they offer a great opportunity to both collectors and brands. From a brand point of view, they get to experiment and from our point of view we get an otherwise unmakeable watch. Take the future classic and highly collectable Oris Dive Control.


This watch represents a rare opportunity to buy such a sought-after limited-edition watch. Only 500 ever made and each coming in a Oris branded carry case makes this watch even more desirable. It isn’t just its rarity or the value proposition of such a watch that makes it desirable though. It is really a testament to Oris’s build quality and engineering prowess. The watch has a water resistance of 1000m, has a lockable bezel and is a chronograph with screw down pushers. Whether for the rarity or functionality it is a truly remarkable watch.


Limited edition watches when done right are great ways for watch brands to experiment with new technologies, materials and techniques without bringing out a whole new watch. Hopefully Oris will learn what they have learnt from this watch and roll it out across their product line. Bolstering the functionality of their watches and making their already great build quality even better.


The dive control isn’t the only limited edition Oris we have in store at the moment. The Frank Sinatra World Timer in solid gold is currently on offer to. To read all about that watch and how they channelled the crooners persona into a watch please follow this link,


They also demonstrate an interesting divide in limited edition watches. Whilst the Sinatra watch is Oris creating something more refined and delicate watch, an interesting world timer made out of precious metal, the Dive Control is anything but. That is the appeal of limited edition, it gives big brands the flexibility of microbrands. So as well as the brands getting to experiment we get the opportunity to see more creativity from brands that can otherwise be very safe in terms of design.


That is probably the best feature of limited-edition watches, you get things that otherwise wouldn’t get through the corporate structure. Making new watches is expensive and as such every watch is carefully curated for as much appeal as possible. Whilst this is very good from a business stand point it means more niche or unique pieces struggle to get out into the world. That makes the limited edition the last refuge of innovation. They also represent a good opportunity to buy a watch which could rocket in value. You only have to look at some of the Speedmaster variants to see how quickly limited edition watches can appreciate in value. It is difficult to overstate how much staler the watch market would be without the quirky and brilliant limited-edition watches that drive the industry forward.


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