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Watch Repairs and Servicing with CWBC!

The Classic Watch Buyers Club is proud to announce the newest addition to our team - a highly skilled and experienced watchmaker with, two decades worth of watchmaking experience, and a decade as Head of Servicing for a Rolex AD. Thanks to our continual growth and increased demand for watch servicing/repair we were able to hire such a skilled watchmaker. With his expertise in servicing and repairing watches from all brands, he is sure to be a valuable asset to our club and to our customers. This allows us to handle far more repair and servicing in house without having to send to a service centre. This creates dividends for our customers as we offer both a greater value for money and a faster turn around.

Our new hire brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge, having spent the majority of his career working on luxury watches, with a particular focus on Rolex watches. If you have any watch that needs servicing please get in touch for a quote and you won't be disappointed.

But it's not just about Rolex watches, our new watchmaker has extensive experience working on watches from all brands, including Omega, Tag Heuer, Longines and many others. He has the skills to diagnose and repair all kinds of issues, from minor adjustments to major repairs. He also understands the importance of regular servicing to prevent future problems and to ensure that your watch continues to function as it should.

We are excited to have him on board and look forward to the many benefits that he will bring to our club and to our customers. With his expertise, we can now offer a wider range of services, in store. Especially servicing of watches which we can do in store that will keep the price down and make the turn around quicker.

In addition to his technical skills, our new watchmaker also has a passion for watches. He understands the intricacies and beauty of each watch, and he takes great pride in restoring them to their former glory. His attention to detail and precision is second to none, ensuring that each watch is serviced to the highest standard.

At The Classic Watch Buyers Club, we understand that watches are more than just accessories. They can hold a huge amount of sentimental value and you want to make sure that your heirloom is in good hands. Our new watchmaker understands this too, and he takes great care in handling and servicing each watch that comes through our doors. That's what sets us apart from other watch servicing providers is our commitment to customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, and our new watchmaker shares this commitment. 

As always at CWBC we continue to offer our exceptional levels of warranty and care and such all of our work comes fully warranted.

We are delighted to welcome our new watchmaker to The Classic Watch Buyers Club. With his expertise and passion for watches, we are confident that he will provide exceptional service and satisfaction to our customers. If you are in need of watch servicing or repair, please do not hesitate to contact us and get a quote today! 

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