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Whisky & Watches - Rado Captain Cook & Sheep Dip

If there's two things we love at CWBC it's whisky and watches, so this December we are starting the Whisky and Watches Advent Calendar. We will pair a whisky from our calendar with a watch from our store and talk a bit about the pairing. The first one is the excellent Sheep Dip and Rado Captain Cook.



The whisky is a Sheep Dip blend which is made up of over a dozen single malts which are all at least five years old. The whiskies will have matured in a variety of different casks from sherry, to bourbon and oak. It is a very drinkable whisky and perfect for sipping on a cold winters night.



The watch we paired it up with is the Rado Captain Cook. The bronze case reflects the golden whisky as does the stripe of cream through the nato and gilt hands. There's a relaxing undercurrent to the Sheep Dip and that is reflected in the watch. The Rado has a slow release charm to it similar to a good whisky.


We would like to thank Kilts Wi Hae for supplying the Glen Cairn, Tartan Blanket and Drinks by the Dram for the advent calendar.

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